Kevin’s Wilderness Journeys – Australia – Queensland

I have now completed my overhaul of the Queensland section of the site. Of course there is plenty of more content to come, including further updates to the pages currently online.

At the moment I am concentrating on getting everything I had online prior to changing web hosts, back online and up to date again. This has been a long time coming, but once I have this work completed I can move on to adding further content and information. I’m getting there and thankfully I have been able to make more progress recently than I had in a number of years.

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Kevin’s Wilderness Journeys – – More Updates

I have been working hard on further updates to the site, including the Queensland section of the site and the ezine section of the site. A new addition to the site is a link to my new curated online magazine – ‘Australia Wild,’ which is found via the page below.

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Kevin’s Wilderness Journeys – – Australia

Just a quick post to advise on some more page updates including those for Asia, New Zealand and Australia (and pages associated with those pages).

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Kevin’s Wilderness Journeys –

I have been doing a bit of reviewing and updating of the site. The home page and African section of the site has now been completed.

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Site Update: Glass House Mountains

Just a quick post – the Glass House Mountains page has now been completed. A further update down the track will include some video footage.

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Site Update: Glass House Mountains

Work is continuing on the site and I have now added a Glass House mountains page, which is till being constructed. I hope to have it completed in the next couple of days.

Visit the page at:

With the Australia Zoo and Glass House Mountains pages completed I will have gone a long way to having my latest holiday/trip fully posted to the site – with the exception of video content, which will take a little longer to edit and complete.


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Site Updates

It has been a long time coming and even a false start or two, but the updates to the site have resumed. This will be a long process, however there should hopefully be very regular updates along the way, certainly on a weekly basis – at least that is my aim and resolve.

The current updates include the from page, the Queensland page and the new Australia Zoo page.

To view the updated pages visit:

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Front Page Update

Having completed a major overhaul of my ‘portal’ on the web, a site I simply call ‘Kevin’s Portal,’ it is now time to turn my attention to Kevin’s Wilderness Journeys. Kevin’s Portal can be found via the directory on the front page of Kevin’s Wilderness Journeys.

I have done a little work on the front page of the site, including the following:

1. I have added a link to the website’s Facebook page, which is also called Kevin’s Wilderness Journeys. This can be found via the directory on the front page of the site and also within the main content of the home page.

I have never really be sure just what to do with the Facebook page – it does seems to be a good place for visitors to Kevin’s Wilderness Journeys to keep informed on what’s happening at the site, as well as to get involved in any discussions that may take place. So keep an eye on the page for how that will develop over time. It certainly hasn’t been used much in recent times, however I will try and develop that side of things from now on.

2. I have added a link to my ‘Wilderness Photos & Videos’ tumblr blog, which has also been added to the directory on the main page of the site. If you love great wilderness shots, this is a great place to visit. I throw in a few of my own photos from time to time, though the bulk of the shots come from all over the web and there truly are some sensational shots among the featured photos.

3. I have added a header photo to the main page, which is a photo I took a couple of years back when I visited the Dorrigo National Park in New South Wales, Australia. On that particular trip I went on a number of walks and took quite a few photos and videos. All of these will be found on the site fairly soon I hope.

4. The main content on the home page has been tweaked a little – and hopefully improved. I’ll continue to try and improve the front page content as I go along. The front page content is far from my strong point I know.

5. I have embedded more recent photos and videos on the front page, which hopefully keeps the front page fresh. 

I think that’s about it for this update – take a look at the site by visiting the link below.

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Site Work

I have long neglected the site over the last couple of years – indeed, all of my sites. I am now going to work on updating and overhauling the site to make it as fresh and useful as I can. However, I have decided to remove most of the social network buttons and such like on the site. They seem to constantly break, sites close down and so on. Removing them will enable me to stay on top of the site a whole lot more and keep the site work as well as possible all of the time I think.

So now it is back to work and hopefully a much better site with more updates and fresh content.
For more visit:

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Page Updates: 15 May 2011

I have further updated the NSW North East Wilderness Walks 2011 page to include the latest photo album. The latest album has photos from Red Cedar Falls.

Take a look at:


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