Latest Update

I have conducted a quick review of the site and found it mostly in order, but have begun to change that a little with the addition of several new pages (yet to appear on the site, though links to them have been added on several pages). These new pages will eventually be to directories for Europe, the Americas, the Arctic and Antarctica, and expanding the New Zealand directory to include the Pacific. I will also be adding a geocaching page (which I get into every so often and more-or-less relates to this sort of site).

Over time I’ll be adding all of the national parks and reserves for the various states of Australia to the relevant directories. Whether I’ll ever get to visit each of these – well, that is highly doubtful I guess. Still, I’ll try and visit as many as possible.


About particularkev

Hi, I'm a Particular Baptist from Australia who is attempting to minister and network via the web. Please check out my web site as well.
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