Red Centre Holiday 2016 Videos Completed

After a lot of hard work I have now got all of the video content for my Red centre Holiday 2016 uploaded to my YouTube Channel (and doesn’t that take forever) and embedded across the website at all relevant points (I think). So all of the content from my recent holiday is now on the site, apart from upcoming Blog posts, some minor updates to the Tjoritja/West Macdonnell National Park page and some added information on the Google Maps that are embedded on the site. I hope to have the website page updated today and the rest will come as that information is uploaded to the Blog and Maps.

I have added the links to the relevant pages and embedded the latest video below.

For more visit:


About particularkev

Hi, I'm a Particular Baptist from Australia who is attempting to minister and network via the web. Please check out my web site as well.
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