Northern Territory Updates

This is just a quick note to update on the progress being made on the various Northern Territory pages relevant to my recent holiday in the Territory. A lot of progress has been made over the last couple of days, with all the photos from my recent holidays now available online. These can be accessed via Flickr and the various embedded photo slideshows on the website on all of the pages linked to below (as relevant to each page). I will be updating the ‘Photos’ page on my website in the next day or so as well, which will allow the photos to be accessed via that page also.

I believe all of the maps are now also accessible via the relevant pages on the site, as well as via Google Maps. The maps are embedded on the relevant pages (linked below) and a larger version of each map can be viewed via these embedded maps. However, not every map has everything included at this stage, but these will also be filled in coming days.

Most of the pages linked to below, relevant to my recent holiday, are now filled with relevant content, though more is expected to be added over the next few days – especially the Tjoritja/West Macdonnell National Park page, which is not yet completed.

The major components that are yet to be added across the relevant pages is the video content. A lot of work is needed prior to these being added and I have no timeline for the completion of these various projects, though I would expect one to be completed in the coming days. When available these will be embedded on the site as YouTube videos and will be able to be accessed via the site and at youTube.

For more visit the following pages:

About particularkev

Hi, I'm a Particular Baptist from Australia who is attempting to minister and network via the web. Please check out my web site as well.
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