Front Page Update

Having completed a major overhaul of my ‘portal’ on the web, a site I simply call ‘Kevin’s Portal,’ it is now time to turn my attention to Kevin’s Wilderness Journeys. Kevin’s Portal can be found via the directory on the front page of Kevin’s Wilderness Journeys.

I have done a little work on the front page of the site, including the following:

1. I have added a link to the website’s Facebook page, which is also called Kevin’s Wilderness Journeys. This can be found via the directory on the front page of the site and also within the main content of the home page.

I have never really be sure just what to do with the Facebook page – it does seems to be a good place for visitors to Kevin’s Wilderness Journeys to keep informed on what’s happening at the site, as well as to get involved in any discussions that may take place. So keep an eye on the page for how that will develop over time. It certainly hasn’t been used much in recent times, however I will try and develop that side of things from now on.

2. I have added a link to my ‘Wilderness Photos & Videos’ tumblr blog, which has also been added to the directory on the main page of the site. If you love great wilderness shots, this is a great place to visit. I throw in a few of my own photos from time to time, though the bulk of the shots come from all over the web and there truly are some sensational shots among the featured photos.

3. I have added a header photo to the main page, which is a photo I took a couple of years back when I visited the Dorrigo National Park in New South Wales, Australia. On that particular trip I went on a number of walks and took quite a few photos and videos. All of these will be found on the site fairly soon I hope.

4. The main content on the home page has been tweaked a little – and hopefully improved. I’ll continue to try and improve the front page content as I go along. The front page content is far from my strong point I know.

5. I have embedded more recent photos and videos on the front page, which hopefully keeps the front page fresh. 

I think that’s about it for this update – take a look at the site by visiting the link below.


About particularkev

Hi, I'm a Particular Baptist from Australia who is attempting to minister and network via the web. Please check out my web site as well.
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