Site Updates: Across the Board

There have been several updates across the breadth of our World Wide Web presence in recent times. These include:

  • The latest issue of our magazine, Footprints in the Wild, is now available online at Scribd and via the website.

    Get the latest issue at:

  • Photos uploaded to Flickr and soon to appear on our photos page and the relevant pages of the website. Some time today I expect the latest photos to be available via our album page at:

  • The first episode of our YouTube documentary series, Australian Wilderness Adventures, is now available via our YouTube channel. The first episode deals with Cathedral Rock National Park.

    View the first episode at:

  • There are various Blog posts available at both ‘Kevin’s Walk on the Wild Side’ and ‘Kevin’s Daily Photo, Video, Quote or Link’ Blogs that relate to my recent holiday. There is also a post concerning the first epsiode of Australian Wilderness Adventures at Kevin’s Walk on the Wild Side.

    Visit the Blogs at:

  • Over the course of the next day or two there will be several updates to the site. These updates will concern the Cathedral Rock National Park, Dorrigo National Park and Myall Lakes National Park among others. Further Blog posts relating to these updates will appear here.



About particularkev

Hi, I'm a Particular Baptist from Australia who is attempting to minister and network via the web. Please check out my web site as well.
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