Blog Archived – No Longer Used

Due to prohibitive costs associated with web hosting I have had to close down my website and have moved operations over to a Facebook Page. With this move I have decided to discontinue this Blog as what I post here is now done there. To continue following my activities in the bushwalking, camping and wilderness space, please visit my main Facebook Page and my other Blog at Kevin’s Walk on the Wild Side, where I will now post news of my various adventures and travels.

Visit the Facebook Page at:

Visit Kevin’s Walk on the Wild Side at:

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Mount Warning (Wollumbin) National Park Updated

I have just recently updated the Mount Warning (Wollumbin) National Park page on the site.

To see the updated page visit:

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Recent Updates

This is just a quick note to mention some recent updates to the site. The main home page has been updated to reflect other changes throughout the site – new photos, video, etc. The discerning eye will probably notice a few other little changes to the home page as well.

With the addition of new content that includes photos and videos, the two photos and video pages reflect the additional content as you would expect. These can be found at:

I may have missed the odd little change along the way, but the main pages that have been recently updated include the following:
Border Ranges National Park
Warrumbungle National Park

The video update includes the latest episode of ‘Australian Wilderness Adventures’ on Border Ranges National Park. Coming soon will be a much longer episode on Warrumbungle National Park (1.5 hrs), which I have already filmed and edited. This will be uploaded to my YouTube channel as soon as I have the NBN (National Broadband Network) connected here (next week hopefully).

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Review & Update Complete

It is very satisfying to see the site reviewed and updated completely (and fully functioning). The work is completed and it is now simply a case of continuing to add to the site with new content to existing pages, new pages of content, as well as adding all of the new adventures and journeys I go on.

Just today I have added a new page on the Gloucester Tops section of the Barrington Tops National Park. The original page was just too congested for my liking and it was a good opportunity to do so as I just visited that section again yesterday. So there will be fresh content by way of information, photos and video coming soon. So I hope that is an improvement (and I’m sure it is). I will add the new content over the next few days.

Visit the new page at:

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Latest Update

I have conducted a quick review of the site and found it mostly in order, but have begun to change that a little with the addition of several new pages (yet to appear on the site, though links to them have been added on several pages). These new pages will eventually be to directories for Europe, the Americas, the Arctic and Antarctica, and expanding the New Zealand directory to include the Pacific. I will also be adding a geocaching page (which I get into every so often and more-or-less relates to this sort of site).

Over time I’ll be adding all of the national parks and reserves for the various states of Australia to the relevant directories. Whether I’ll ever get to visit each of these – well, that is highly doubtful I guess. Still, I’ll try and visit as many as possible.

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Site Updated & Functional

Yes, can you believe it? I have got the job largely completed. There will be ongoing updates, new content, etc – right across the site – however, the major update has been completed. I know there are a few little things still needed to be done, but I will pick all those up as I review the entire site over the next week or so. But what a feeling to know that it is finally done (well, largely). I feel I can now move forward with the site and that it will not be so overwhelming. It is a relief and something I am very happy about.

Now I can get out there, enjoy my journeys across this great land and share my experiences here on the website, as well on the various connected sites, social media, etc. All of these platforms will be reviewed and pressed into service as I originally intended (if they still operate) and the use of them will become very obvious in the near future. So onwards and upwards (perhaps outwards – if that is how to put my travel plans). Looking forward to the journey

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Progress Continuing

There is a great deal of satisfaction as I continue to make some good progress on the site, for not only is progress being made, I am also enjoying the process. I hope to have the entire site working properly in the very near future, all updated and loaded up with a heap of fresh content. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

I have also completed the latest videos in the ‘Australian Wilderness Adventures’ series and these are embedded below.

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After a long absence from the site I am finally back at work adding new content and updating the site. I decided I would start with my most recent trips, thereby providing some fresh experiences and all that goes along with that. So without too much carry on, let’s get to it.

I have recently purchased a new camcorder which significantly improves the quality of my videos (and therefore the ‘Australian Wilderness Adventures’ series that is ongoing). You will find on my YouTube Channel the latest installment, ‘Australian Wilderness Adventures: Episode 013 – Woko National Park.’ I have embedded the video below.

For a quick round-up of pages recently updated, visit the links below:

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Red Centre Holiday 2016 Videos Completed

After a lot of hard work I have now got all of the video content for my Red centre Holiday 2016 uploaded to my YouTube Channel (and doesn’t that take forever) and embedded across the website at all relevant points (I think). So all of the content from my recent holiday is now on the site, apart from upcoming Blog posts, some minor updates to the Tjoritja/West Macdonnell National Park page and some added information on the Google Maps that are embedded on the site. I hope to have the website page updated today and the rest will come as that information is uploaded to the Blog and Maps.

I have added the links to the relevant pages and embedded the latest video below.

For more visit:

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Kata Tjuta Video Added & More

Over the last couple of days I have continued to update the website and work on new content. I have now added a second video from my Red Centre Holiday 2016 and added it to my YouTube channel and embedded it on the website. I have added the links to the relevant pages and embedded the video below.

I have updated the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park page, the Red Centre Holiday 2016 page, the website home page and the photos pages on the website. All of these links are included below.

For more visit:

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